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We have selected the best experiences so you can enjoy a unique environment and city.

Let us surprise you!


Magellan gastronomy, the great unknown. Meat or fish? Actually our offer covers a wide range of dishes that will surprise you.

The Magellan Gastronomy is made with local products that due to their geographical location acquire more noble and pure properties, both those offered by the sea and the land, less pollution, cleaner coastline, abundant water, green meadows, etc.

You will find a wide range of high-level restaurants that offer excellent proposals. You can not stop trying the Magellanic lamb in a wood oven or any dish of king crab in its many varieties, or the southern hake, sea bass and conger eel will also surprise you.

On the other hand, we find an extraordinary level of chefs, with signature cuisine, who have managed to combine traditional cuisine with international contributions.

You can not miss the austral beer, perfect pairings, in short, a wide variety of flavors and Magellanic tastes.